Environmental Promise
Copper peak Logistics is committed to commercially responsible use of consumable resources.

Our Environmental Promise

We maintain environmentally friendly facilities and support programs focused on ecological conservation in connection with clients, business alliance partners, and employees. Copper Peak Logistics policies and programs are monitored to ensure that they achieve their intended outcomes, which in total are reducing our carbon footprint.


Packaging and Handling Supplies

Every effort is made to recycle client material housed in CPL facilities, including paper and durable goods. All obsolete items are reviewed to ensure that they are handled in an environmentally correct manner. If permitted, items are donated to local charities.


Where permissible programmable thermostats that adjust temperatures during off use periods control the HVAC systems in CPL facilities (except in wine, food, and wellness storage areas where a constant must be maintained).


Office remodeling and warehouse lighting retrofit programs incorporate the use of high efficiency fluorescent lighting fixtures.

How Copper Peak Solves Your Problems
Improve your speed to market by using our existing infrastructure
Enhance your customer satisfaction and retention
Lower your total cost of administration and shipping
Tap into our scalability and flexibility to reach new markets
Gain access to simple yet powerful supply chain technology
Build your business by having more time to focus on it