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Is Your Wine a Luxury Brand? Marketing Wine to the Affluent
05.13.2019 | by: Dave Dobrow

Wine has always been a product that sells better to demographics with disposable income. This is part of the reason well-established baby boomers are still a large part of the market, and why gen Xers are still an untapped demographic, while millennials have not yet become the largest wine demographic despite being the largest buying population. (The SVB/Sovos 2019 State of the Wine Industry presents […]

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DTC Past, Present, and Future: An Interview with Lesley Berglund, CO-Founder and CEO of WISE Academy
05.07.2019 | by: Dave Dobrow

Lesley Berglund is the Founder and CEO of ACT Coaching, which coaches wineries on change management, as well as Co-Founder and Chairwoman of WISE Academy. A third-generation Napa Valley native as well as a serial entrepreneur, Lesley has been at the forefront of selling wine DTC for decades. For our most recent Expert Series interview, our own Dave Dobrow sat down to talk with her […]

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DTC Wine Sales and the Final Mile of Delivery
04.15.2019 | by: Dave Dobrow

As important as “bud break” is in the wine industry, equally important is the final mile journey that your wine takes when a customer purchases from your Direct to Consumer channels. You’ve probably noticed that shipping wine is very different from shipping other kinds of goods. And yet, customers still expect the same low cost and convenience that they get from today’s eCommerce giants. Selling […]

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