08.07.2020 | by: Milton Cornwell
Wine for Normal People: An Interview with Elizabeth Schneider, Award-Winning Podcaster and Wine Educator

Elizabeth Schneider is the award-winning host of Wine for Normal People®, a podcast, book, and online community for people who like wine (but not the “attitude that [sometimes] goes with it”). She is also an experienced speaker on entrepreneurship and wine, as well as a certified sommelier and wine educator. We recently spoke with Elizabeth to get her perspective on what motivates customers, both today […]

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07.13.2020 | by: The Copper Peak Team
Employee Spotlight: Jacob Wolbert

Meet Jacob, one of our dedicated order pickers here at CPL! You might have to look up high to find Jacob, as his job often takes him 18 feet into the air, pulling products for daily order fulfillment. Jacob enjoys the fast pace of picking orders, always working ahead of the packing team to keep those stations full and on-schedule. Jacob also gets a hard […]

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06.24.2020 | by: Milton Cornwell
Safety Guidelines

We are very encouraged by the gradual opening of our wineries, restaurants, and other valley businesses. We know that you are dealing with the many operating procedures that must be adopted to accommodate serving our customers, but we are truly thankful for the opportunity to get back to business. We have opened our doors back up to visitors and guests and ask that you review the […]

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The Top Ten Things Wineries Can Learn from Amazon in 2020

In the wine industry, 2020 will likely be remembered as the year wineries had to step up their eCommerce (and general DTC) game. And who are they looking to as a shining example of success? No doubt that Amazon is the powerhouse when it comes to eCommerce, and while buying a bottle of wine and having it shipped direct-to-consumer is importantly different from shipping other […]

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05.28.2020 | by: Milton Cornwell
Is Your Wine a Luxury Brand? Marketing Wine to the Affluent (2020 Update)

Is Your Wine a Luxury Brand? Marketing Wine to the Affluent (2020 Update) If you want to grow a luxury wine brand, marketing to more affluent customers can be a winning strategy. Affluent customers– or, if you prefer, “high net worth” customers– have the disposable income to spend on luxury items (like wine) and enjoy exploring new brands. The key to marketing to this demographic […]

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05.03.2020 | by: The Copper Peak Team
Create and Add to Your Asset Library, Even During Quarantine

Today’s article is a guest post written by Megan Steffen, talented photographer and owner of Untapped Media Inc., which creates beautiful visual brand assets to support the content marketing efforts of wine brands.   Even with everyone in quarantine and your business potentially changed for the foreseeable future, you still need fresh content to post to your social media accounts, website, and other marketing channels. […]

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04.29.2020 | by: Milton Cornwell
On Tasting Rooms and Trying Times: An Interview with Brian Baker, Sales and Profitability Specialist

Brian Baker is well known in the wine industry as a Sales and Profitability specialist and has given many talks and workshops on the subject. He is also a managing partner of Cultivar Marketing, which provides wine sales and marketing consulting. We recently reached out to Brian to discuss the future  of the tasting room, especially in the face of COVID-19 quarantine.   Milton Cornwell: […]

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