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As Always We Are Very Thankful, But Maybe More So This Year
11.22.2017 | by: The Copper Peak Team

It’s Thanksgiving week. In coming days families across the nation will be sitting down to give thanks and celebrate all the good things that happened this year. The Copper Peak team uses this time of the year to express thanks to our clients, business partners, family, and friends, and to celebrate another awesome year together. But this year is different. The harrowing days of firestorms […]

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The Metrics of Wine Clubs
11.14.2017 | by: Merilee Anderson

Many wineries have wine clubs. Far fewer invest in the tools, or take the time, to look at their wine club metrics and make improvements based on them. This is a huge mistake. For one thing, DTC wine sales are on the rise; last year, DTC sales climbed 15%, and year over year are up 23%. They now account for 60% of wine revenue nationally […]

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DTC Wine Sales and Wine Law: An Interview with Steve Gross, Vice President, State Relations at Wine Institute
11.03.2017 | by: Dave Dobrow

For the second installment of our expert series, our own Dave Dobrow spoke with Steve Gross, Vice President, State Relations at Wine Institute and an expert in the DTC wine business. Wine Institute is the voice for California wine, representing more than 1,000 wineries and affiliated businesses. Dave and Steve sat down to discuss compliance, wine law, and the future of DTC wine sales. Dave: […]

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