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5 Marketing Fundamentals for Smaller Wineries
02.28.2018 | by: Dave Dobrow

5 Marketing Fundamentals for Smaller Wineries Update: Since we first published this post in 2015, there have been new trends in the wine industry worth noting. However, we are finding time and again that these “fundamentals” have not changed a whole lot–they still form the backbone of wine marketing. In fact, we’ve found that they apply not only to smaller wineries, but to larger ones […]

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Why and How We Prepare for Disasters
02.06.2018 | by: The Copper Peak Team

Natural disasters disrupt business. It is not surprising; after all, natural disasters have cost the global economy roughly $2.5 trillion since the year 2000. Logistics and shipping functions are disproportionately affected by most of these disasters, in large part due to limited access to affected areas and damage to roadway infrastructure. Here at Copper Peak, we make having a disaster and business continuity plan a […]

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Curating Content Around DTC Wine Sales & More
01.23.2018 | by: Dave Dobrow

Running a successful tasting room or wine club can be difficult; it requires smart decisions on a number of detailed issues that go well beyond selecting what wines to offer your customers. We know because wine logistics (including wine storage and shipping) is one of the areas where little details can have a huge impact on your wine business and the direct to consumer experience. […]

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