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How Should Wineries Structure Their Shipping Deals? 8 Awesome Ideas.
03.12.2019 | by: Dave Dobrow

(Note that this article originally appeared in July of 2017, but has been updated in light of recent events.) One way that wineries encourage eCommerce sales is by offering deals on shipping. Indeed, the average consumer is becoming accustomed to free and reduced-rate shipping deals when shopping online. But you have to be cautious when structuring these wine-shipping deals. Why Take a Closer Look at […]

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Craftsmanship Fulfillment Heroes: Miguel Sandoval
03.05.2019 | by: The Copper Peak Team

Say hello to Miguel Sandoval, our Warehouse Lead and resident jack-of-all-trades! You may remember Miguel from when he was the CPL courier buzzing around Napa and Sonoma. He has since been promoted to warehouse lead, and deservedly so! Miguel is an integral part of our operation at Copper Peak Logistics. Not only can he be spotted in the warehouse driving the forklifts and other operating […]

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Marketing Wine to Generation X: Why Do It, And Why DTC is the Way to Go
02.19.2019 | by: The Copper Peak Team

For years now we’ve heard about the need for wineries to get on board marketing to Millennials. (We admit that we may have had something to do with that.) While that’s not a bad idea, there’s a lot of data suggesting that now is the time to focus on the generation between Millennials and Baby Boomers: Generation X. This generation has been largely ignored by […]

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