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09.12.2018 | by: Stacey Heuer
The Secret to Winery Success is Also What Makes Them (and Us) Unique

  There is no doubt that the wine industry is special, but what makes it unique? What draws people to it, and how can wine brands take advantage of what sets them apart? These questions have been swimming around in my head for some time. Being a born and raised Sonoma girl, I have worked in and around wineries my entire life. I worked at […]

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12.29.2016 | by: Merilee Anderson
Opening More Than an Order: Unpacking the Brand Experience

A lot has been written about the effect that packaging has on the “brand experience.” Beyond package design, though, there is the mostly undiscovered territory of how the unpackaging event itself is a part of the customer experience. This represents another good opportunity for customer engagement. What is the difference between good packaging and unpacking? Packaging has mostly focused on elements of design: What are […]

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