02.14.2024 | by: The Copper Peak Team
Top Tips from Our Analysis of the 2024 SVB and SOVOS/ShipCompliant Reports

The Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) State of the US Wine Industry Report 2024 and the 2024 SOVOS/ShipCompliant DTC Wine Shipping Report came out last month, and the picture they paint is a little hard to make out. Is consumer spending on wine truly up, or down? How much are abstainers affecting the market? Have trends stabilized post-pandemic? While we don’t have all the answers, we […]

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12.18.2023 | by: The Copper Peak Team
Wine Logistics: A Look Back at 2023, and Predictions for 2024

Every year, we are always amazed at how much the wine industry changes—and at the ways in which wineries and their partners find ways to innovate. 2023 was no exception. What we are seeing is shifting patterns, including shifts in small parcel carriers, consumer purchase behavior, job creation, the use of technology, and more. We also see a lot of opportunity for savvy wineries going […]

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11.01.2023 | by: Stacey Heuer
Raising a Glass To Gratitude: Thanksgiving Reflections

My day-to-day life here at CPL is often focused on the intricacies of our operations, the challenges we face, and the strategies we employ to overcome them. I lead our team through navigating the complex web of transportation, supply chain management, and customer satisfaction. It is a challenging position that demands constant adaptation, innovation, and collaboration. As Thanksgiving approaches, it is crucial to pause and take a moment to […]

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10.29.2023 | by: The Copper Peak Team
The Season of Giving: 2023 Update

‘Tis the season…of giving! As the holidays are quickly approaching, we have been thinking about the various admirable local charitable organizations and how we can contribute to their causes this year. As you embark on your seasonal shopping, we ask you to please keep these organizations in mind, and join us in giving generously. Cheers! Charitable Organizations in Wine Country Napa Valley Education Foundation (website) […]

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09.29.2023 | by: The Copper Peak Team
Our Predictions for the 2023 Holiday Season

One of the hardest things for a business owner is trying to predict what will happen in the future—and that seems to go double for wine and spirit sales. The holiday season is where things get busy, and so there are naturally a lot of questions: What will sell well? How do we avoid getting “stuck” with inventory at the end of the year? How […]

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09.27.2023 | by: The Copper Peak Team
The Hidden Opportunities in This Year’s DTC Reports

Reading the latest reports on DTC wine shipping, one is reminded of the old story of the vending machine salesman who wanted to see if there was an opportunity to lease his machines to the local hospital. So he sends his two sons, who are also in the business, to scope out the waiting room and cafeteria. The next day, his youngest son calls and […]

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Beat the Heat: Minimizing Return Shipments During the Summer Keeps Wineries and Wine Enthusiasts Happy

Amanda joined Copper Peak in 2019, bringing years of wine industry experience along with her. In her role as Account Executive, Amanda supports her clients with her expertise and commitment to outstanding service.  As the scorching summer heat continues getting hotter and hotter, wineries and wine enthusiasts alike face a common challenge: Ensuring that their delicate bottles of wine arrive at their destination in optimal […]

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