Your Guide to DTC Wine Shipping for 2019 and Beyond
11.20.2018 | by: The Copper Peak Team

Whether you have a tasting room, an online store, a subscription service, or any combination of those, you’ve entered into the world of direct-to-consumer (DTC) wine sales. Although it’s a lucrative channel for wineries, it can also be frustrating. DTC wine shipping by itself is influenced by a number of things, including: The availability of talent to work in the tasting room, manage your wine […]

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Why the Wine Industry “Gets” Thanksgiving
11.19.2018 | by: The Copper Peak Team

If anyone knows the true meaning of Thanksgiving, it would be the people in the wine industry. Giving thanks, believe it or not, is about growing and nurturing something. And it is desperately clear that the world needs more of that nurturing, from everybody, no matter their situation. Watching the news, it’s easy to find things about which to be concerned. Fires and shootings. Political […]

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Evaluating DTC Wine Shippers — What to Look for if You Are Seeking a Strategic Partner
10.29.2018 | by: Milton Cornwell

Many wineries have been down the path of exploring fulfillment companies that specialize in DTC wine shipping. There are many of them and they all have their own strengths and weaknesses. With the significant growth and profit opportunity of the DTC wine sales channel, it is important to find a Third-Party Logistics (3PL) company that will give a winery access to best-in-class capabilities. Companies That […]

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