How to Ensure a Successful Shipping Season When Selling Wine DTC
10.10.2019 | by: Merilee Anderson

Right now, growers are in peak harvest time for grapes. It’s also peak time for shipping wine DTC. Heat holds put in place during the summer are being released; wineries are ramping up their holiday marketing campaigns and flash sale events; and consumers themselves are driving up the demand for shipping across the board through October, November, and December (the “OND” shipping season). The start […]

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What is eCommerce Doing to Our Environment? How Can the Wine Industry Help
09.13.2019 | by: The Copper Peak Team

  Did you know that the month of July, 2019, was the hottest month on Earth ever since human beings have been keeping records? In fact, of the 10 hottest years on record, eight have happened in the past 10 years. (Only 2011 and 2012 missed being in the top 10.) Regardless of what your politics are, this should be disturbing, especially for the wine […]

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The New Compliance Game: A Follow-up Interview with Steve Gross, Vice President, State Relations at the Wine Institute

Steve Gross is Vice President, State Relations at the Wine Institute and an expert in DTC wine regulations and compliance. We interviewed him back in 2017, talking about logistics, compliance, and DTC wine law. With so much happening in this space, we decided to reconnect with Steve to get his perspective on a number of new developments. Dave: Great talking with you again, Steve. A […]

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