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06.21.2021 | by: The Copper Peak Team
Kitting Can Be Creative, But Start Planning with Your Fulfillment Partner Now

eCommerce and buying patterns have drastically changed in the wake of COVID-19. With these DTC shifts comes the opportunity for wineries to really explore and expand their unique and personalized offerings.  Corporate gifting, holiday gift packs, and tasting kits really took off as companies and individuals replaced in-person happy hours and parties with gifts shipped to people’s homes. As we experienced over the last year […]

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11.17.2016 | by: Milton Cornwell
What Does Craftsmanship Fulfillment Mean?

On the homepage of our website, we proudly display the fact that we are into “Craftsmanship Fulfillment.” If you haven’t heard the term before, you might wonder what it means. One big assumption is that it means “fulfillment for industries where craftsmanship matters.” That is true. We specialize in wine logistics and fulfillment, for example, because we understand the heart and soul that goes into […]

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