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08.17.2018 | by: The Copper Peak Team
7 Trends Currently Affecting Wine Sales and Wine Shipping

There’s no doubt about it: Changes are coming to the wine industry. And many of the trends we are seeing on the horizon will directly affect DTC wine sales, eCommerce wine sales, and the fulfillment of both. Being aware of these trends is step one. Strategies going forward will need to take these 7 trends into account and plan accordingly. And we think this can […]

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04.19.2018 | by: The Copper Peak Team
To Go Direct, Go Digital (and Other Helpful Hints)

There’s no doubt that DTC wine sales are up, as we’ve said before. This has been further substantiated by the 2018 Direct to Consumer Wine Shipping Report by Sovos and Wines & Vines. But, as more and more wineries, importers, and retailers enter this space, it’s worth asking: Where is the real growth potential here? To give away the punchline: That growth will come with […]

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01.09.2017 | by: Milton Cornwell
Wine Fulfillment: Looking Back, Looking Forward

  2016 was indeed a busy year for us at Copper Peak, and we don’t anticipate 2017 being any different. That said, it is still well worth our time to review what happened in 2016, both here and in the industry at large. Doing so might just give us some glimmers of what to expect going into the new year. Industry News Wine and fulfillment […]

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