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06.21.2019 | by: The Copper Peak Team
7 Things to Consider Before Changing Your Wine Packaging

Because of consumer demand, packaging vendors are becoming much more creative with their craft these days. While we can appreciate the hard work that goes into some of these modern designs, there are a lot of economic issues to consider before using any new packaging to ship items to consumers. When we, a DTC wine shipper, talk about wine packaging, we are not necessarily talking […]

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05.31.2019 | by: Merilee Anderson
Slow Season for Your DTC Wine Club? Not Really: Summer is for Strategy

[Updated May 31, 2019] Some people might say that summer is the “slow time” in our industry. It’s true that spring tends to be busy for us and for the DTC wine clubs we serve, and then things settle down during the summer months, picking up again as the holidays draw near. But just because things move more slowly in summer, that doesn’t mean this […]

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12.29.2016 | by: Merilee Anderson
Opening More Than an Order: Unpacking the Brand Experience

A lot has been written about the effect that packaging has on the “brand experience.” Beyond package design, though, there is the mostly undiscovered territory of how the unpackaging event itself is a part of the customer experience. This represents another good opportunity for customer engagement. What is the difference between good packaging and unpacking? Packaging has mostly focused on elements of design: What are […]

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