Craftsmanship Fulfillment Heroes: Maria Garcia Amador

We’d like to introduce you to another one of our valued team members and craftsmanship fulfillment heroes—meet Maria Garcia Amador! Maria, known fondly around the warehouse as “MariG” or “Miss G Thang,” is our Lead Packer here at Copper Peak Logistics. Maria’s role is integral in getting our partners’ wines to consumers. She is responsible for a key aspect of delivering white glove service by […]

Craftsmanship Fulfillment Heroes: Miguel Sandoval

Say hello to Miguel Sandoval, our Warehouse Lead and resident jack-of-all-trades! You may remember Miguel from when he was the CPL courier buzzing around Napa and Sonoma. He has since been promoted to warehouse lead, and deservedly so! Miguel is an integral part of our operation at Copper Peak Logistics. Not only can he be spotted in the warehouse driving the forklifts and other operating […]

Giving Thanks and Seeing the Wine Industry Through Our Eyes

We’re a lucky bunch here at Copper Peak, and we have plenty for which to be thankful.  And it’s important to be thankful out loud, publicly. It helps us realize how much we truly have and reframes our day-to-day work, creating a positive vibe that others can catch, too. But today, I want to do more than just give thanks. I want to express my […]

DTC Past, Present, and Future: An Interview with Lesley Berglund, CO-Founder and CEO of WISE Academy

Lesley Berglund is the Founder and CEO of ACT Coaching, which coaches wineries on change management, as well as Co-Founder and Chairwoman of WISE Academy. A third-generation Napa Valley native as well as a serial entrepreneur, Lesley has been at the forefront of selling wine DTC for decades. For our most recent Expert Series interview, our team sat down to talk with her about the […]

Wasting Time? You Might Be, If You Are Doing Your Own Fulfillment

When you are not “in” logistics and fulfillment, it’s hard to appreciate how much time it consumes. Here we’re not just talking the time it takes to locate, pick, pack, ship, and deliver an item. (Though that’s important too). But actually managing the logistics operation and maintaining control of your own data can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Few people realize this until they […]