Craftsmanship Fulfillment Heroes: Miguel Sandoval
03.05.2019  |  by The Copper Peak Team

Miguel Sandoval

Say hello to Miguel Sandoval, our Warehouse Lead and resident jack-of-all-trades! You may remember Miguel from when he was the CPL courier buzzing around Napa and Sonoma. He has since been promoted to warehouse lead, and deservedly so! Miguel is an integral part of our operation at Copper Peak Logistics. Not only can he be spotted in the warehouse driving the forklifts and other operating equipment, but he’s also our lead picker and is responsible for inventory control, order packing for club and daily orders, and even making sure our forklifts are in tip-top shape!

Miguel’s “old school” work ethic reaches far beyond his role here at Copper Peak Logistics, where he’s worked in operations since 2010. Born and raised on his family farm, he spends his time at home tending to his livestock and keeping the buildings and equipment in good working order.

It may sound surprising, but work isn’t all Miguel does! He’s a family guy who is deeply rooted in his community. His personal interests include cars, trucks, San Jose Sharks hockey (he and Milton often discuss the merits of the Sharks vs. Milton’s St. Louis Blues), and the San Francisco Giants.

Miguel has mastered every position in operations here at Copper Peak Logistics, and we wouldn’t be nearly as successful without his dedication and hard work. The next time you see Miguel in the warehouse at Copper Peak Logistics, make sure to say hello and give him a well-deserved high five!