Giving Thanks and Seeing the Wine Industry Through Our Eyes
11.26.2019  |  by Stacey Heuer

We’re a lucky bunch here at Copper Peak, and we have plenty for which to be thankful. 

And it’s important to be thankful out loud, publicly. It helps us realize how much we truly have and reframes our day-to-day work, creating a positive vibe that others can catch, too.

But today, I want to do more than just give thanks. I want to express my thanks in such a way that you, the reader, can get to know Copper Peak, and the industry we are in, from the inside. If you can see what we see every day, you might just feel as positive as we do about the future.


For example, I am thankful for…

Individuality. We are very lucky to work in an industry that prizes individuality. We see it in winery brands built around the personalities and personal stories of winemakers and winery owners. We see it in the unique and wonderful tasting rooms of the region. It’s ever present in the wine, the food, and the culture of the industry. Without that individuality, the work would be, frankly, bland.

I appreciate the individuality of the people on our team, too. There’s our warehouse lead, Miguel, Maria, our lead packer, Vincente, our rock-star when it comes to club orders, and so many others. Most of our employees join our team and stick around for not just years, but decades—they really become part of our family. I can’t wait to share more stories with you next year about our amazing staff.

Resilience. Even as I write this, California has once again been dealing with wildfires, and now power outages designed to prevent fires from starting in the first place. And once again, the wine industry has shown that we are a resilient group, coming together to help our neighbors, adapt, adjust, and rebuild. I am thankful for first responders and volunteers, as well as the local business owners who are busy reminding everyone that wine country is safe, sound, and open for business.

Growth. Our industry continues to grow and flourish, which is good for all of us connected with DTC wine shipping. Copper Peak has certainly seen its fair share of growth as well, sometimes in ways you don’t hear much about.  On the personal side I had a baby, and our team is expected another three in the coming year! On the business side, we have expanded our management team, added several new clients, and made some big investments in our infrastructure, giving us more tools to complete our work quickly and accurately.  We are excited to turn the page on another year and hit 2020 at full speed!

The Future. We’ve written a lot recently about customer experience, data, and technology, as well as about the different generations coming in the wine market. The market is changing, and changes come with both challenges and opportunities. This means that making a true connection with customers in creative ways is not only possible, but more important than ever. As I see the market take on this challenge, I can’t help but feel optimistic for the future of wine, and for the new consumers who are learning about it and enjoying it for the first time.

And I think it goes without saying… that I am thankful for our team, our clients, our partners, and our industry as a whole. I can’t think of a better place to work, or better people to work with.

To all of you: Thanks for your individuality, your resilience, your hard work and your dedication. Here’s to a bright future!

Stacey Heuer

VP Operation