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Slow Season for Your DTC Wine Club? Not Really: Summer is for Strategy
07.02.2018 | by: The Copper Peak Team

Some people might say that summer is the “slow time” in our industry. It’s true that spring tends to be busy for us and for the DTC wine clubs we serve, and then things settle down during the summer months, picking up again as the holidays draw near. But just because things move more slowly in summer, that doesn’t mean this isn’t a critically important […]

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5 Marketing Fundamentals for Smaller Wineries
02.28.2018 | by: Dave Dobrow

5 Marketing Fundamentals for Smaller Wineries Update: Since we first published this post in 2015, there have been new trends in the wine industry worth noting. However, we are finding time and again that these “fundamentals” have not changed a whole lot–they still form the backbone of wine marketing. In fact, we’ve found that they apply not only to smaller wineries, but to larger ones […]

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So, You Want to Be in the Wine Business?
09.22.2017 | by: Dave Dobrow

You’ve decided to enter the wine space and you’re looking into logistics. You might be considering a 3PL to handle your DTC shipping details. As a winery, an importer/retailer, or as a marketing agent, you will need to become educated as you do your diligence to find the right fulfillment partner. To help with this process, Copper Peak Logistics has put together five important considerations […]

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