05.28.2019 | by: The Copper Peak Team
DTC Wine Sales and the Final Mile of Delivery

[Updated May 28, 2019] As important as “bud break” is in the wine industry, equally important is the final mile journey that your wine takes when a customer purchases from your Direct to Consumer channels. You’ve probably noticed that shipping wine is very different from shipping other kinds of goods. And yet, customers still expect the same low cost and convenience that they get from […]

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12.18.2017 | by: The Copper Peak Team
How Should Wineries Approach Non-Wine Merchandise?

Some wineries sell souvenirs. Some give away small gifts to their loyal wine club customers. And some are uncertain whether non-wine merchandise can or should be a part of their overall business strategy. No wonder we here at Copper Peak have been noticing more and more wineries asking about non-wine merchandise. For example, we’ve had wineries ask us about packing free gifts during fulfillment of […]

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05.15.2017 | by: The Copper Peak Team
A Deeper Dive Into the Unpacking Experience in DTC Wine Sales

Retailers have known for decades that packaging represents an important touchpoint with consumers. This has lead to an entire field of package design, which has kept a massive army of designers and engineers employed and making ever-more-interesting boxes and displays.   When it comes to DTC shipments, however, things are much more akin to the Wild West: Best practices are suggestions more than strict laws, […]

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01.18.2017 | by: The Copper Peak Team
White Glove Service: Nine Case Studies That Reveal the Keys to Building True Customer-Oriented Organizations

Some of the most successful brands in any industry have a service orientation. The height of service is often called “white glove service,” a term that is catching on in many places. But what is white glove service? We argue that it is not just great service by front-line employees, but a pattern of decisions and practices by organizations that routinely and consistently make this […]

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09.19.2016 | by: The Copper Peak Team
The Cutting Edge of Wine Subscription Models: Subscription Services Report #2

We introduce the second part of our Subscription Services Reports: The Cutting Edge of Wine Subscription Models – How the Industry is Driving Engagement with Technology, Personalization, and More.   The subscription services business is one of the fastest growing segments in eCommerce today. Wine clubs have existed for some time, well before the most recent subscription service craze. They have allowed wineries to bring their […]

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04.30.2016 | by: The Copper Peak Team
From Wine Club Promotion to Wine Club Experience: Lessons from Subscription Services Report #1

There are many ways for a wine company to build their brand. Of these, wine clubs are a great way to build a loyal customer base while creating a consistent revenue stream. Still, many wineries face a challenge when it comes to sustaining effective wine clubs. In fact, some of the industry statistics tracking wine club participation paint a less-than-rosy picture: The length of time […]

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03.04.2016 | by: The Copper Peak Team
Discounted, Flat Rate, or Free Shipping: What’s the Right Strategy?

Making the Right Decision Without Giving Away the Farm. Wineries and small wine businesses face a dilemma these days. On the one hand, customers have become all-too-accustomed to free (or heavily discounted) shipping on items. In fact, recent data from Accent found that 88 percent of consumers are more likely to shop at a site online if they were promised free shipping. This means that free […]

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