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How Should Wineries Approach Non-Wine Merchandise?
12.18.2017 | by: Dave Dobrow

Some wineries sell souvenirs. Some give away small gifts to their loyal wine club customers. And some are uncertain whether non-wine merchandise can or should be a part of their overall business strategy. No wonder we here at Copper Peak have been noticing more and more wineries asking about non-wine merchandise. For example, we’ve had wineries ask us about packing free gifts during fulfillment of […]

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A Deeper Dive Into the Unpacking Experience in DTC Wine Sales
05.15.2017 | by: Dave Dobrow

Retailers have known for decades that packaging represents an important touchpoint with consumers. This has lead to an entire field of package design, which has kept a massive army of designers and engineers employed and making ever-more-interesting boxes and displays.   When it comes to DTC shipments, however, things are much more akin to the Wild West: Best practices are suggestions more than strict laws, […]

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White Glove Service: Nine Case Studies That Reveal the Keys to Building True Customer-Oriented Organizations
01.18.2017 | by: Dave Dobrow

Some of the most successful brands in any industry have a service orientation. The height of service is often called “white glove service,” a term that is catching on in many places. But what is white glove service? We argue that it is not just great service by front-line employees, but a pattern of decisions and practices by organizations that routinely and consistently make this […]

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