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09.22.2017 | by: The Copper Peak Team
So, You Want to Be in the Wine Business?

You’ve decided to enter the wine space and you’re looking into logistics. You might be considering a 3PL to handle your DTC shipping details. As a winery, an importer/retailer, or as a marketing agent, you will need to become educated as you do your diligence to find the right fulfillment partner. To help with this process, Copper Peak Logistics has put together five important considerations […]

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07.12.2016 | by: The Copper Peak Team
Subscription Services a Hot Topic at ShipCompliant Direct 2016

  Last month, we had the pleasure of conducting a user group panel at the ShipCompliant Direct 2016 event, of which we were also a proud sponsor. That panel included industry experts weighing in on a topic that everyone is exploring these days:   Subscription Services.   The idea of a subscription service is not new in the wine space; wineries have been running wine […]

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