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11.17.2016 | by: Milton Cornwell
What Does Craftsmanship Fulfillment Mean?

On the homepage of our website, we proudly display the fact that we are into “Craftsmanship Fulfillment.” If you haven’t heard the term before, you might wonder what it means. One big assumption is that it means “fulfillment for industries where craftsmanship matters.” That is true. We specialize in wine logistics and fulfillment, for example, because we understand the heart and soul that goes into […]

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05.16.2016 | by: The Copper Peak Team
How to Decide on a Weather Hold for Your Products

  With summer approaching, companies are planning for summer shipping. In a previous post, we addressed the various options for temperature controlled shipping and other methods for keeping your products safe from the summer heat. Many companies have a long established history of holding shipments until the Fall and have set customers expectations that no shipments will occur until the weather gets cooler. But this […]

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09.02.2014 | by: The Copper Peak Team
Earthquake Update- September 2, 2014

The August 24th earthquake left many of our neighbors, colleagues and friends shaken.  Seeing images of barrels toppled and broken bottles this past week has broken our hearts and our prayers are with those who’s loss, both professionally and personally, was significant and those who’s recovery will be long.  We are continually impressed with this community and our surrounding communities as multiple organizations have come […]

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