Earthquake Update- September 2, 2014

The August 24th earthquake left many of our neighbors, colleagues and friends shaken.  Seeing images of barrels toppled and broken bottles this past week has broken our hearts and our prayers are with those who’s loss, both professionally and personally, was significant and those who’s recovery will be long.  We are continually impressed with this community and our surrounding communities as multiple organizations have come together to support those most affected.

We are happy to report only 8 bottles lost in the 6.0 magnitude earthquake.  Our 53,000 square foot facility was 3.5 miles from the epicenter so we are thankful our seismic safe racking and impeccable pallet practices were in place and held up.  Sunday was filled with many emails and phone calls to our winery and other eCommerce clients to assure them the safety of their products as well as to offer our helping hands.

We encourage those who are still in need to contact us or check for resources.  We also encourage everyone to support the community in any way possible. Consider donating to the American Red Cross, the Napa Valley Food Bank or the Solano Napa Habitat for Humanity. Or lend support by purchasing and enjoying Napa and Sonoma made wines!


– CPL Team