The Industry Speaks: DTC Wine Revenues Up, And Subscriptions Will Soon Be Nailed Down

The most recent issues of Wine Business Monthly had some astonishing (and telling) things to say about the growth of DTC sales in the wine industry, based on their 2017 Wine Business Monthly/Silicon Valley Bank tasting room survey. We thought it best to highlight some of them, and then ask “Why?” First and foremost was that DTC sales were up 15% on average (including both […]

Not All Subscription Models Are the Same…

In the past we’ve written about subscription service models, comparing them with the “fruit of the month” clubs of past decades. While the idea of regularly sending items to club subscribers is certainly not new, today’s subscription models have grown and diversified in many exciting ways. Wineries considering a wine club subscription service will want to think through the different types and ensure that they […]

Are Wine Subscription Services Today’s Flash Sales? The Evolution of Two Models.

In our previous post, we took a look at the history of flash sales and how they became a fixture in the DTC wine industry. Although this sales model has fared better with wine than with many other products, it does appear that the culture at large does not have the enthusiasm for flash sales that it once did. Inevitably, any sales model will go […]

The Cutting Edge of Wine Subscription Models: Subscription Services Report #2

We introduce the second part of our Subscription Services Reports: The Cutting Edge of Wine Subscription Models – How the Industry is Driving Engagement with Technology, Personalization, and More.   The subscription services business is one of the fastest growing segments in eCommerce today. Wine clubs have existed for some time, well before the most recent subscription service craze. They have allowed wineries to bring their […]

Subscription Services: Wine Industry Leaders Share Their Insights

Subscription services, in the form of wine clubs, are a hot topic today. This past summer, Copper Peak Logistics conducted a user group panel at ShipCompliant DIRECT 2016 (of which we are also a sponsor). Now, our readers can get the fully distilled content from that panel in our most recent white paper, “The Cutting Edge of Wine Subscription Models: How the industry is driving […]