Subscription Services: Wine Industry Leaders Share Their Insights

Subscription services, in the form of wine clubs, are a hot topic today. This past summer, Copper Peak Logistics conducted a user group panel at ShipCompliant DIRECT 2016 (of which we are also a sponsor).

Now, our readers can get the fully distilled content from that panel in our most recent white paper, “The Cutting Edge of Wine Subscription Models: How the industry is driving engagement with technology, personalization, and more.”


Here are a few key quotes you’ll find there…

  • On Technology: “Just getting to know our customers better is really what we’re excited about with all this new technology…[modern tools can] continue the care from the tasting room all the way back to the home.”
  • On Personalization: “Personalization is critical; we’re in an age now where everyone wants to feel connected to the brand they are consuming. Whatever that is, you want to feel a bond to it.”
  • On Content: “We’re testing to see what content resonates the most; for example, how to taste, what foods or wines pair with which meals, what the backgrounds of the wines are, and so on. We try to understand what’s generating the most value for customers.”
  • On Churn: “The issue of churn is very near and dear to our hearts. It’s the number 1 source of leakage in any subscription-based monetization model, regardless of what your subscription is.”
  • On Partnerships: “We were doing in-house fulfillment for a long time. We’ve found a wonderful fulfillment partner that is able to help us achieve what our goals are and because those customers are generally the customers spending a significant amount of money, more than an average wine-club member would spend in each shipment, so having a really good fulfillment partner in place has really helped us.”


Of course, the full list of trends, tips, and advice can be found only in our white paper. We are providing this so that both wineries new to this market, and those searching to improve what they already have, can find ways to gain customers, fight club attrition, and bring their wines to the world. Who better to get advice from than the industry experts?


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