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06.02.2021 | by: Milton Cornwell
Multiple Shipping Facilities – Does it make sense?

Why should it matter if your DTC fulfillment partner has multiple shipping facilities? We’ve found that the question of multiple shipping facilities is a very misunderstood concept in the wine fulfillment business, especially when it’s called many things—bifurcation, forward staging, and splitting inventory. Some wineries assume that multiple facilities means that the vendor is too big for them, or the concept is possibly too complex […]

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06.20.2019 | by: The Copper Peak Team
The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a DTC Wine Fulfillment Partner

The eBook That Will Tell You How to Survive Today’s Complex Wine DTC Fulfillment Landscape   If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that DTC fulfillment and shipping are far more complex than winery owners and DTC channel managers first suspect. First, there are the typical issues that come with the territory. For example, if you handle fulfillment and shipping in-house, you […]

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05.28.2019 | by: The Copper Peak Team
DTC Wine Sales and the Final Mile of Delivery

[Updated May 28, 2019] As important as “bud break” is in the wine industry, equally important is the final mile journey that your wine takes when a customer purchases from your Direct to Consumer channels. You’ve probably noticed that shipping wine is very different from shipping other kinds of goods. And yet, customers still expect the same low cost and convenience that they get from […]

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08.17.2018 | by: The Copper Peak Team
7 Trends Currently Affecting Wine Sales and Wine Shipping

There’s no doubt about it: Changes are coming to the wine industry. And many of the trends we are seeing on the horizon will directly affect DTC wine sales, eCommerce wine sales, and the fulfillment of both. Being aware of these trends is step one. Strategies going forward will need to take these 7 trends into account and plan accordingly. And we think this can […]

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04.12.2018 | by: Milton Cornwell
DTC Wine Shippers Come In All Shapes and Sizes – Why Your Winery Should Care

Just like wineries themselves, DTC fulfillment providers are quite different when you take a hard look at them. More times than not, size of the organization plays a big role in determining how they operate and the solutions they can offer their clients. Here’s an analogy: You need to buy a ladder so you can do some work on your house. Do you go to […]

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09.09.2016 | by: The Copper Peak Team
Shipping Wine (and Non-Wine) Products: FTL, LTL, and 5 Other Considerations

When it comes to shipping, few products have seen more changes than wine and related products. Not only are there regulations to contend with, but the very models that wineries are using to market and sell wine are changing. This makes the process of getting products into the hands of customers that much more complex. Traditionally, wineries would start their research into shipping by getting […]

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06.27.2016 | by: Milton Cornwell
Why Cloud Computing Will Be the Next Big Thing in Wine Shipping

  Cloud-based software might seem like the furthest thing from the business of producing and selling wine. For most people, the cloud is a place to store music and photos you take with your smartphone. In reality, it can be a secret weapon for your wine business. Cloud-based software is changing how logistics gets done. There’s a great metaphor in this post about cloud computing […]

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