The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a DTC Wine Fulfillment Partner

The eBook That Will Tell You How to Survive Today’s Complex Wine DTC Fulfillment Landscape


If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that DTC fulfillment and shipping are far more complex than winery owners and DTC channel managers first suspect.

First, there are the typical issues that come with the territory. For example, if you handle fulfillment and shipping in-house, you have to contend with stock replenishment, labor management, packaging needs, and so on.

You’ll also need to worry about which carriers to contract with, licensing, compliance, weather issues, and more—and those issues arise whether you outsource or handle things in-house.

Then add in challenges that have only arisen recently: Rising carrier rates, a stricter regulatory environment, and the pressure that rising DTC sales have put on wineries and carrier networks alike.

Despite all of these challenges, we still think that selling wine DTC is the most profitable channel for wineries. But now, more than ever, wineries need professional help to guide them through these issues and realize those potential profits.

But which partner do you choose? And how do you go about it so as to make the right choice, so you’re not looking for another partner again two or three years down the road?


Choosing a DTC Wine Fulfillment Partner


We are that fulfillment partner for many wineries. But, rather than plug our own services, we felt it was important that wineries and wine merchants understand when and why they should seek out a partner, and how to go about doing so. Only then can they make an informed choice—and a lasting partnership.

To begin that education, we created this eBook, “The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a DTC Wine Fulfillment Partner.” It’s actually two eBooks in one; the first focuses on the benefits and potential challenges of doing fulfillment in-house vs. outsourcing, and the second focuses on how to find the right fulfillment partner once you’ve made the decision to outsource.

This eBook also covers:

  • How in-house wine fulfillment tends to create ‘time sucks’ for wineries,
  • The current complexities of DTC wine fulfillment,
  • Some of the reasons why many wineries (erroneously) choose to handle fulfillment and shipping in-house,
  • How using an experienced fulfillment partner can actually increase your visibility, control, and ability to scale your DTC wine operations,
  • The “nuts and bolts” of what you will need from a DTC wine shipper, and the questions you should ask to discover them,
  • The roles that size, specialization, and number of facility locations can play in determining “fit” with a DTC wine shipping partner.

If you find this eBook useful, we’d love to hear about it. And if you want to discuss the answers to some of the questions put forward in the book, we’d love to have a discussion with you. Just reach out to our team.


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