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09.12.2018 | by: Stacey Heuer
The Secret to Winery Success is Also What Makes Them (and Us) Unique

  There is no doubt that the wine industry is special, but what makes it unique? What draws people to it, and how can wine brands take advantage of what sets them apart? These questions have been swimming around in my head for some time. Being a born and raised Sonoma girl, I have worked in and around wineries my entire life. I worked at […]

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11.22.2017 | by: The Copper Peak Team
As Always We Are Very Thankful, But Maybe More So This Year

It’s Thanksgiving week. In coming days families across the nation will be sitting down to give thanks and celebrate all the good things that happened this year. The Copper Peak team uses this time of the year to express thanks to our clients, business partners, family, and friends, and to celebrate another awesome year together. But this year is different. The harrowing days of firestorms […]

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05.15.2017 | by: The Copper Peak Team
A Deeper Dive Into the Unpacking Experience in DTC Wine Sales

Retailers have known for decades that packaging represents an important touchpoint with consumers. This has lead to an entire field of package design, which has kept a massive army of designers and engineers employed and making ever-more-interesting boxes and displays.   When it comes to DTC shipments, however, things are much more akin to the Wild West: Best practices are suggestions more than strict laws, […]

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