How Should Wineries Approach Non-Wine Merchandise?
12.18.2017  |  by The Copper Peak Team

Some wineries sell souvenirs. Some give away small gifts to their loyal wine club customers. And some are uncertain whether non-wine merchandise can or should be a part of their overall business strategy.

No wonder we here at Copper Peak have been noticing more and more wineries asking about non-wine merchandise. For example, we’ve had wineries ask us about packing free gifts during fulfillment of wine club orders, stocking inventory of apparel and other branded products, and more.

And behind all these questions is the real question: Is non-wine merchandise worth it?

We decided it was time to find out the answers, both from experts in the industry and from a winery having success with their merchandise. We distilled down the information we uncovered into a new white paper: Winery Merchandise: Strategy and Ideas from Industry Experts and Successful Cases.

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • The secret to success with non-wine merchandise, whether sold in your tasting room or used as part of your wine club loyalty program;
  • Statistics indicating the growth trend of merchandise for wineries;
  • The role that logoed merchandise can play in building top-of-mind awareness;
  • The trend toward merchandise as a status symbol;
  • The importance of creating a shopping experience (and “dwell time”) in the tasting room;
  • Ideas for using well-timed gifts to increase wine club loyalty and reduce churn;
  • Examples of popular forms of gifts and souvenirs; and
  • Steps for getting started with your merchandise strategy.

As always, if you have questions not answered by this white paper, contact us and we’ll be glad to speak with you. Copper Peak Logistics has years of experience providing craftsmanship fulfillment for specialty products, and we have several ideas for incorporating merchandise into your wine club strategy while keeping fulfillment quick and efficient.