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04.04.2019 | by: Merilee Anderson
Flash Sale Sites for Wine: Where Are They Today?

Updated April 4, 2019 If one were to look at DTC wine sales a decade or so ago, one would see that flash sales sites were all the rage. Some of those sites still exist, but they are not enjoying the popularity they once had. Is this just because they were a flash-in-the-pan trend? Or have economic conditions and competition changed the DTC landscape? There […]

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05.15.2017 | by: The Copper Peak Team
A Deeper Dive Into the Unpacking Experience in DTC Wine Sales

Retailers have known for decades that packaging represents an important touchpoint with consumers. This has lead to an entire field of package design, which has kept a massive army of designers and engineers employed and making ever-more-interesting boxes and displays.   When it comes to DTC shipments, however, things are much more akin to the Wild West: Best practices are suggestions more than strict laws, […]

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09.19.2016 | by: The Copper Peak Team
Subscription Services: Wine Industry Leaders Share Their Insights

Subscription services, in the form of wine clubs, are a hot topic today. This past summer, Copper Peak Logistics conducted a user group panel at ShipCompliant DIRECT 2016 (of which we are also a sponsor). Now, our readers can get the fully distilled content from that panel in our most recent white paper, “The Cutting Edge of Wine Subscription Models: How the industry is driving […]

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08.17.2016 | by: The Copper Peak Team
Unilever Buys Dollar Shave Club: What This Means if You Have a Wine Club

It was recently announced that European giant Unilever purchased the Dollar Shave Club, to the tune of a cool $1 billion. This signals that a disruptive shift in the economy has come of age. It also means that wineries should take a long look at modern subscription models to keep up with best practices when it comes to their own wine clubs. As we mentioned […]

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07.12.2016 | by: The Copper Peak Team
Subscription Services a Hot Topic at ShipCompliant Direct 2016

  Last month, we had the pleasure of conducting a user group panel at the ShipCompliant Direct 2016 event, of which we were also a proud sponsor. That panel included industry experts weighing in on a topic that everyone is exploring these days:   Subscription Services.   The idea of a subscription service is not new in the wine space; wineries have been running wine […]

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09.18.2015 | by: Milton Cornwell
5 Ways to Fight Wine Club Attrition

  If you’re a winemaker, and you’ve ever tried a wine club, you probably had big hopes for it as a means of steady, continual revenue. And you’ve probably been disappointed. You’re not alone: wine club attrition is one of the biggest issues facing winemakers who want to get their brands into the hands of loyal (or soon to be loyal) wine enthusiasts. This fact […]

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