Employee Spotlight: Jacob Wolbert
07.13.2020  |  by The Copper Peak Team

Meet Jacob, one of our dedicated order pickers here at CPL!

You might have to look up high to find Jacob, as his job often takes him 18 feet into the air, pulling products for daily order fulfillment. Jacob enjoys the fast pace of picking orders, always working ahead of the packing team to keep those stations full and on-schedule. Jacob also gets a hard hat award for his love of riding his bike to and from work most days – even in the rain.  It is because of dedicated employees like Jacob that Copper Peak is able to get our clients’ orders out correctly.

That doesn’t mean that Jacob is all work and no play. He admits to being the “class clown” in school, and here at CPL he always manages to lighten the mood and keep everyone laughing. (Except when it comes to our annual Halloween costume contest, of course. He takes that very seriously!)

Jacob is also our resident expert on everything pop-culture. When not being the most efficient picker he can be, you can hear him analyzing the latest movies, talking about graphic novels, or tossing off a line from one of his favorite films. In fact, in his spare time he runs a podcast with a friend that discusses classic pop culture and films.

We love that Jacob is both hard working and fun loving—it speaks to the kind of work-life balance that is so dear to us here at Copper Peak. And we love having Jacob be part of our team!