Employee Spotlight: Sharon Groene
08.23.2021  |  by The Copper Peak Team

Meet Sharon Groene, our Senior Accounting Coordinator in St. Louis. 

Sharon is our “go-to” gal. Since Copper Peak’s inception, Sharon has been responsible for all aspects related to invoicing Copper Peak clients. From creating their monthly invoices to receiving payments and every step in between, Sharon is on top of it every day.

If you ask Sharon what she likes most about working at Copper Peak, she’ll say it’s the people with whom she works: Her “California peeps” are her family. Even though Sharon is based in St. Louis and many of her colleagues are working at Copper Peak’s headquarters at the southern tip of the Napa Valley, Sharon feels as if they are working alongside each other in the same space because her coworkers hold a dear place in her heart.

Sharon’s coworkers describe her as hard-working, dedicated, and organized, but also caring. Which makes sense, as her own stated goal as a member of the Copper Peak team has been the same through all these years: To make things better for others.

When Sharon isn’t at work, you may find her camping and spending time with her family especially her granddaughter, Macey. You might also see Sharon enjoying tasty BBQ, sipping a tall, cold glass of strawberry lemonade, and listening to a classic mix of oldies rock ‘n’ roll or good old country music.