Meet the New Senior Vice Presidents at Copper Peak Logistics
05.27.2024  |  by The Copper Peak Team

Copper Peak is proud to announce new positions in our executive structure.

Two long-term members of our team have received new titles: Stacey Heuer, formerly Vice President of Operations, has been named Senior Vice President of Operations. Merilee Anderson, formerly Vice President of Client Services, is now our Senior Vice President of Client Services. 

So, why the new titles? In plain terms, we’re recognizing Stacy and Merilee’s leadership. They’ve helped to build our company culture from the ground up, and their consistent vision has helped Copper Peak build our reputation as a leading white-glove fulfillment option for wineries.

Building CPL: A Shared Vision of Success

Both of our Senior VPs started their careers in the wine logistics industry. Prior to joining CPL, Stacey and Merilee coordinated client services and operations for one of the country’s largest wine clubs and call centers.

Stacey joined Copper Peak in 2006 and helped to plan the company’s launch; Merilee joined in 2008. From the beginning, they’ve shared a set of priorities.

“The vision we started with was that we would operate as an extension of each winery’s business — not as just a vendor or a partner, but as a true part of their organization,” Stacey says. “We really wanted to extend ourselves to help them grow and accomplish their goals. That was always our number-one priority.”

“Early in my career, I worked at a winery that was fulfilling orders in-house, and we had full control over our product,” Merilee says. “When we decided to outsource to a fulfillment house, we lost that level of personalization and customization. At CPL, we’ve always had that in mind: Growth shouldn’t mean losing that personalized touch.”

Working Together to Elevate the Logistics Industry

At CPL, Stacey and Merilee have worked together to build a client-first approach to wine logistics. 

“Usually, people in our roles — front of house and back of the house — there’s a lot of separation between them,” Stacey says. “We’re so lucky that we have such a great working relationship. We’re always asking: What can we do to make this as seamless, painless, and cost-effective as possible?”

“It’s just a great company culture here,” Merilee agrees. “And that’s why we have so many people who’ve worked here from day one, or near day one. There’s a sense of loyalty and these strong relationships between people on our team; it truly isn’t ‘just a job.’”

As Senior VPs, Merilee and Stacey will continue to reinforce that culture — but as they’re quick to note, their teams are the true source of CPL’s success and managed growth. 

“At every level, our team understands that what they’re doing is important,” Merilee says. “They really have that buy-in, and it’s in every aspect of what we do. When you walk into the warehouse, you can feel it. There’s pride because we care that much about it.” 

“Everyone realizes how much impact they have,” Stacey says. “You’re not just throwing a piece of paper onto a bottle, then shoving it into a box — it’s an art form. Every foil, every label has to be perfect, and our team really gets that. I’m just really proud of them and how much they care about the company.” 

Please join us in congratulating Stacey and Merilee!