Raising a Glass To Gratitude: Thanksgiving Reflections
11.01.2023  |  by Stacey Heuer

My day-to-day life here at CPL is often focused on the intricacies of our operations, the challenges we face, and the strategies we employ to overcome them. I lead our team through navigating the complex web of transportation, supply chain management, and customer satisfaction. It is a challenging position that demands constant adaptation, innovation, and collaboration. As Thanksgiving approaches, it is crucial to pause and take a moment to reflect. Join me in raising a glass to gratitude as I share all the remarkable aspects of our industry, the people who make it all possible, and what makes me truly thankful in this season of appreciation.

Our Winery Partners

At the core of our business are our winery partners, who produce some of the world’s most exceptional wines. Winemaking is an art, and I am grateful for the trust our winery partners place in CPL to care for each bottle from the moment it comes off the bottling line all the way to their consumers’ glass. It is an honor to partner with these artisans in preserving the integrity of their craft through our logistics services. Their belief in our ability to maintain the integrity of their wines while showcasing their brand through our craftsmanship services inspires us to continually raise the bar. It brings me so much joy knowing that through our hard work and dedication at CPL, so many tables during this holiday season will be graced with the incredible wines that our winery partners produced.

Our CPL Team

The dedication, professionalism, and hard work of our CPL team is the driving force behind our success. CPL has never strived to be the biggest, but to be the best. We are the bespoke, high touch, boutique logistics provider to the wine industry. We pride ourselves on being an extension of our winery partners’ business by being highly adaptable and innovative. In order to build our business model this way, we have to have highly dynamic, extraordinary individuals who form the backbone of our company. Everyone at CPL recognizes the trust our winery partners put into our company not only to provide a service, but to carry their brand, their story, their passion, their art all the way to their customer’s door. This is why our team is not just built of warehouse, customer service, and administrative personnel, but with craftsmen (and women). With each package we deliver, we hope that the consumer is reminded of that first sip that made them fall in love with a brand and we are happy to keep that love story going.

Strong Partnerships

Logistics is a highly collaborative industry, and I am extremely thankful for the amazing relationships we have built with our suppliers, carriers, and vendors that help us thrive. Our partners’ depth of industry knowledge, timely deliveries, creative solutions, and adaptability all contribute to CPL providing the highest quality service to our winery partners. Trust and reliability is the foundation that we build all our partnerships from. Many of our relationships here at CPL span decades and I love reflecting on that history, how far we have come, and looking forward to how much further we can grow together.


The heart of the wine industry is where tradition, craftsmanship, and community come together. This industry is more than just a business; it is a community, and I am thankful for the connections I have formed. It is through this camaraderie and shared passion that we honor a centuries-old tradition while pushing the boundaries of innovation. Where true craftsmanship, hard work, and handshake still mean something. I feel privileged to play a crucial role in ensuring the world enjoys the finest wines.


In an ever-evolving industry, there are endless opportunities for growth, improvement, and personal development. In 2007, I unlocked the door of our first warehouse in Benicia. I crossed that threshold excited to be part of creating a company from the ground up. A company where we didn’t want to be a service provider, but a partner. We built our foundation on morals, honesty, integrity, hard work, and passion. The roots of all our successes here at CPL are planted in this foundation. To say my career here at CPL has been rewarding is an understatement. Every challenge and decision, big or small, has contributed to my development as a leader. I have had the privilege of collaborating with individuals from all aspects of the wine industry and from this have gained some of the best mentors, partners, coworkers, and friends. I am beyond thankful for the community of people around me that have impacted my personal and professional growth. As I look back at all of the successes and knowledge gained, I am overcome with excitement for a future full of new opportunities.

I raise my glass high in gratitude to our entire community, and to every individual who makes this industry what it is. I am so thankful for this amazing journey we have undertaken together. Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving filled with warmth, joy, and of course, exceptional wine. Cheers!