Employee Spotlight: Silvino Carerras
04.05.2022  |  by Stacey Heuer

Meet Silvino Carerras, Warehouse Manager here at Copper Peak Logistics. Silvino’s duties include managing the receiving department, inventory management, and ensuring the success of our club/production lines.

All products that come into Copper Peak’s warehouses go through Silvino’s team, who in turn commits those products to inventory and maintains them throughout their time with CPL. Silvino’s role overseeing club/production lines also has him managing large jobs that do not require personalization, such as wine clubs and gift basket/kit production for stock.

But, if you were to ask Silvino what his role truly is here at CPL, he’d say that it’s “to transfer a little bit of happiness to my team every day.”

And he wouldn’t be exaggerating: One can often find Silvino in the warehouse by following the sound of his voice as he sings and helps others. When it’s the busy season here in the warehouse, or when there’s a big club order to process, that’s when he’s most in his element— and he always tackles hard work with a smile.

Outside of the warehouse, Silvino loves to play soccer, spend time with his kids, and travel throughout the U.S. and Mexico with his family. And of course, he roots for The Chivas (Club Deportivo Guadalajara) when he can.