The Copper Peak Club Scheduler is Here!
03.09.2021  |  by The Copper Peak Team

It’s time to rethink wine shipments. Copper Peak’s Club Scheduler is the right tool for the job — a straightforward, powerful resource for building and managing wine clubs in 2021 and beyond.

Traditionally, scheduling shipments has led to a lot of unnecessary work for managers. The Club Scheduler is custom designed to change that process by automating basic tasks and improving the scheduling of drop dates for clubs and releases. Wineries can set up their “reservation dates” through a simple and intuitive online interface, accessible via web browser.

Here’s how it works: The reservation form guides users through a simple process that collects desired ship and release dates, warehouse order configurations, and inventory components (SKU, bottle size, and other pertinent information). The Club Scheduler then lays out orders on a visual calendar. One can also view a detailed request history, complete with order status. Team members are able to streamline their work and spend more time focusing on the other avenues that drive business. 

While the Club Scheduler is extremely easy to use, it has flexible features that allow for focused outreach. Managers can easily find information about upcoming clubs with a few quick clicks. They can also set up automatic notifications to confirm scheduling, check inventory prior to release dates, or to remind users about requirements for upcoming clubs. 

Simply put, it’s a smarter, easier way to handle wine club scheduling!

More tools are on their way. The Club Scheduler is just another powerful component of the Copperlink DTC software platform. Every aspect of the interface is custom designed for the wine industry with the goal of cutting out unnecessary administrative tasks and simplifying the day-to-day. To learn more about the Club Scheduler and to schedule a demo, contact us at