The New Meaning of “Customer Experience” in a DTC Wine World
10.22.2019  |  by The Copper Peak Team

What is the value of a bottle of wine, to the consumer? Perceived quality is part of the equation, as is price. But the experience surrounding the purchase and enjoyment of that wine plays a large role, too.

Many wineries are learning that they need to provide an experience in their tasting rooms. But there are experiences that come with wine club subscriptions and eCommerce purchases, too. How can wineries maximize those kinds of experiences, so that consumers are more willing to buy from your brand again and again?

It is exactly that question we set out to answer in our new eBook, “The Ultimate Guide to Customer Experience for Wineries that Sell DTC.” In it we took a look at things like:

eCommerce Technology

Do your platforms make it easy for customers to browse and buy? Are you collecting data to better tailor the experience for your customers? We have excerpts from our interview with Andrew Kamphuis, president of Commerce7, outlining the new role technology is playing in the customer buying experience with wine.


Will new packaging heighten the delivery experience for your wine club and eCommerce sales? It might—but have you considered all of the hidden costs involved as well? We review the total cost of changing your wine packaging, from design to DIM weight shipping and damage claims.


Redesigning your packaging is often a first attempt to re-brand and enhance customer experience. But there are several other things you can do first to “wow” customers without an expensive redesign. We cover package messages, coupons and promotions, content, and freebies (merchandise).


Kitting is worth the effort because, done right, it can be a tremendous marketing tactic that creates excitement and incremental sales opportunities with customers. We describe several use cases for kits that will further enhance customer engagement with your brand.

Social Media Engagement

Social media is here to stay. But can it really grow your DTC channel? We provide some key excerpts from our interview with Paul Mabray, CEO at, who discusses how to use social media to engage with your customers.

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Customer experience is the future of wine sales generally, and DTC wine sales more specifically. The industry needs to keep in mind that buying wine online, or starting a subscription wine club, is an experience too. And so is receiving a DTC wine package at your door. We hope that our eBook provides some handy tips and important considerations for enhancing that experience for your customers. 

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