Employee Spotlight: Michael Galvan
10.25.2021  |  by The Copper Peak Team

Meet Michael Galvan, our Account Manager with Copper Peak Logistics since 2019.

When you talk to Mike, it’s clear that he’s an account manager who loves his job, assisting clients daily with any questions they might have when it comes to shipping DTC/DTT (or about Copper Peak’s systems). He tackles his work with a smile on his face and an easygoing attitude, but don’t let those fool you—behind that smile is an account manager who is hardworking, detail oriented, and driven to make us the best in the industry.

Those closest to him also describe him as “one of the most generous and caring people to be around.” That not only includes his “work family” here at Copper Peak, but also his fiance Nicole and kids Kailahni, Kaleb, and Kameron. (And of course their French Bulldog, Bruno, probably feels the same way, too.)

When not spending time at work or with family, you can find Michael getting out into the outdoors, especially to fish. He also enjoys travelling to new places and trying out new restaurants. If you have a recommendation for a good local sushi place, Mikey is all ears!