Employee Spotlight: Vivian Mosqueda
10.12.2020  |  by The Copper Peak Team

Meet Vivian (“Vivi”), our inventory specialist!

When we asked Vivi what she liked best about working here, she said “I like the people I work with and the energy! I am always learning new things and growing with the company.”

Learning new things and growing with the company are indeed two hallmarks of Vivi’s time with us here. She started her journey with us on the production line, helping to pack club shipments. From there she worked her way up to daily order packing, then receiving, and is now part of the Ops Admin team, making her mark with inventory management.

As for the energy part, Vivi lends plenty of her own. She’s a big fan of Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny, who she uses to get psyched for work. “His music gives me energy, it makes me want to dance and work,” she says, “I have his pictures all over my desk at CPL.”

Vivi’s roots are in Mexico, where she still likes to visit friends and family while on vacation. Apparently they know how to throw a party, with good food and good times! And if you are looking for traditional Mexican food, she especially recommends Enfrijoladas. (She confesses that her favorite is Chinese food, however—even though she admits she can’t cook it herself.)

Vivi is also a huge animal lover. She cares for a miniature poodle named Canela, and her dream is to someday have a hairless cat.

We are so appreciative of Vivi, her work ethic, and the energy that she brings every day. Thank you Vivi—let’s help you earn your way to that cat!