Charitable Organizations to Support in Wine Country
10.27.2020  |  by The Copper Peak Team

Many people, including clients, vendors, and friends, have been reaching out to us these past few weeks to ask how they can help…specifically, how they can help the growers, vintners, restaurant workers, and small business owners in California during these hard times. 

We asked some of our winery clients directly: “What are the best ways someone can help your business?” Every time, the answer that came back was the same: “Encourage people to buy more wine from us!” Many wineries are still operating, and selling their product directly to consumers. By buying their wine DTC, you can help keep their operations going.

The next answer we’ve received is to help support local organizations. We’ve collected and vetted a list of charitable organizations to help connect those requests with organizations that are “on the ground.” Note that many of these charities have been supported by California Wineries themselves to help other California businesses weather COVID, the wildfires, and more.

Charitable Organizations in Wine Country

  • Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch (website)
  • La Luz in Sonoma (website)
  • Napa Community Animal Response Team (CART) (website
  • Napa Humane (website)
  • Napa Valley COAD (website)
  • Napa Valley Community Foundation (website; see especially their emergency fund for COVID)
  • PLUS-1 COVID Relief Fund (website)
  • Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation (website)
  • Sonoma Community Animal Response Team (CART) (website
  • Sonoma County Grapegrowers Foundation (website)
  • Sonoma County Vintners Foundation (website; see especially their emergency fund for COVID)

Our thoughts and hearts are with all of those affected by these hard times. Thank you to everybody for buying Sonoma and Napa wines, and supporting these local charitable organizations.