Gear Up for Corporate Gift Season


Businessman holding gift boxes.


Yes, even with the summer heat bearing down on us, it’s time to start thinking about corporate gifts for the holidays—Especially if you are in a wine or food business.

We suggest that companies start planning now, since there are several opportunities and pitfalls that come with holiday shipping. For example, there’s:

  1. The seasonal spike in demand. Demand for wine and food products rises substantially around the holidays, and this added demand puts additional strain on storage and shipping operations. You will need to make sure you have the inventory on-hand to handle the spike, as well as the capacity to move it. If you are using a 3PL, they should be getting ready for that spike now—and you should be communicating with them to make sure everything is in order.
  2. The possibilities in kitting. Done right, kitting can be a tremendous marketing tactic that creates excitement (and incremental sales opportunities) with customers. Kits have become more and more popular over the last decade and are now common gifts for both business partners and family and friends. And by far the most common kits involve alcohol, food items, and/or beauty items. To get the most out of kitting,  start planning now so that your shipping operations or 3PL can find the most efficient means for storing, packing, and shipping those kits.
  3. Getting some head space with branding. Companies love to send clients and prospects gifts with their logo emblazoned on it. Imagine if you could offer your corporate customers a holiday gift of food or wine with their name and logo on the label. Those customers would surely pay a premium for a gift that gets their company some top-of-mind awareness.
  4. Coupons, discounts, and specials. The holidays are a great time to showcase what’s new in the coming year. If you plan on shipping to customers directly, consider adding a catalog or promo with each order to encourage the recipient to try more; even better, include a coupon or offer as well. These take a little planning, but easily pay off in repeat business.

With a little foresight and planning, your company can be an ideal destination for companies looking to give corporate gifts. But, to fully take advantage of the holiday season, you will need to start planning now.  We would love to help answer any questions or advice you’re seeking!  Contact us, we’re help you get your planning squared away!