How Leading Companies Are Nailing the Whole ‘White Glove Service’ Thing
01.18.2017  |  by Milton Cornwell

Waiter hands with cloche lid cover and towel vector illustration.


Some of the most successful brands in any industry have a service orientation. The height of service is often called “white glove service,” a term that is catching on in many places. But just what is white glove service?


We take a serious look at this question and more in our latest report, “White Glove Service: 9 Case Studies That Reveal the Keys to Building True Customer-Oriented Organizations.” Our own Dave Dobrow referenced some of these examples during his participation at the 2017 Direct to Consumer Wine Symposium Private Client Sales – The Art of White Glove Service.


In this report (which is available for download here), we take a close look at companies that are knocking it out of the park when it comes to service—and doing so in a systematic way.  

For example:

  • We look at why Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh consciously wanted to build an excellent customer service culture, and how he did it.
  • We investigate why MidwayUSA, a small Midwest company catering to sportsmen, has repeatedly won awards for service standards.
  • We take a page from Four Seasons Hotels And Resorts with regard to their employee training for excellent service.
  • We look at the ways in which companies like Trader Joe’s and MINI have used proactive measures, winning them die-hard fans.
  • We comb through other examples as well, from State Farm Insurance, Chick-fil-A, Electronic Arts, Spotify, and more.


Throughout, we find a common pattern: White glove service is not just something that happens randomly with the occasionally stellar front-line employee. Rather, white glove service is a pattern of decisions and practices by organizations that routinely and consistently make this level of customer care possible.


Copper Peak Logistics provides craftsmanship fulfillment for speciality products, specifically wine, food, and nutraceuticals. A large part of craftsmanship fulfillment is a commitment to white glove service. To learn more, contact us and we will be glad to explain how fulfillment and customer service go hand-in-hand.