What Our Client Services Team Does Differently
06.20.2022  |  by Amanda Castorena

Amanda, CPL Account Executive, has been working in the wine industry since the age of 14 and brings her experience and expertise to all CPL winery partners. 

At Copper Peak Logistics, client services are the beginning and the end of everything we do. In fact, we’ve structured our team differently, because we’ve found that this is the best way to serve our winery and craft beverage partners.

Here’s what we offer when it comes to client services:

Personalized Attention

When I talk to our winery clients—which I do a lot!—I can tell that each and every one is special in some way. And because each winery is unique, they have unique needs. A 3PL needs to be sensitive to that! My team and I personally get to know our winery partners so we can help them with all the small details. If we can swap stories about our kids, or our travel plans for the weekend, we can certainly discuss your winery’s needs in detail.

Trained and Knowledgeable Team Members

I sometimes say that our team at Copper Peak is “fluent” in learning other systems and how they integrate. And they understand the business side of wine, too. That fluency and knowledge makes a huge difference when it comes to running your business like clockwork. So whether you need to know how to do redirects, or start a weather hold, or just plan out your storage ahead of a promotion, we can help.

Quick Response Times with a Problem-Solving Focus

Most often, when we get a call from a client, they just want a straightforward answer to a question that’s been on their mind. Sometimes that question has a simple answer…and sometimes it doesn’t.

We get it! There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to packing and shipping wine (and other beverages). You need all the information possible to make the right decisions and get the product out the door. We make every effort to respond to our clients quickly—you’ll usually hear from us within five minutes of your call or email!

Even during the busy OND season, we’ll have someone on site almost 24/7. We once had a client that sent us an email at 8:00 pm during peak busy season, and our team sent them a full, informative answer to their question just a few hours later. They were both surprised and delighted that we were able to get back to them so quickly with that critical information.

We Are an Extension of Our Winery Partners’ Team

This is an outcome of all of the above. When we know you, the client, and know how logistics and production work, and consistently bring ideas and solutions to the table, we naturally become a trusted part of your team. That’s the goal: Less friction and a seamless fit.

Examples of How We Go Above and Beyond

So what do these look like in practice? Here are a few things our team does routinely for clients:

We’ll help you set up your club schedule for the rest of the year.

Setting up wine club shipments on a regular cadence is easy to do if you plan ahead. Our team can help you with this process and even set you up with our wine club scheduling tool.

We’ll go over your data during account reviews and annual planning.

We perform account reviews at the beginning of the year to help you plan out the rest of the year. During that review, we take the time to go over your data and see what can be improved. Wine club and eCommerce data can be an invaluable tool, both for crafting the best customer experience and for doing so in an efficient, cost-effective way.

We’ll find ways for you to spend your budget as wisely as possible.

We routinely look for ways to save our clients money. For example, we might ask whether a change of carrier could allow our client to ship within the same timeframes, but for less. Or we might explore when to use express shipping. Or we might work with the client on lowering the number of transfers. There are tons of little ways to save money, and we are always on the lookout for those opportunities.

At the end of the day, we want our clients to grow their business (and do so responsibly, of course). And so we want to help them spend their money as wisely as possible. We want to help with scheduling. We want to help with compliance. In short, we want them all to succeed.

(P.S. If you want to learn more about the best in “white glove service,” I highly recommend our white paper “White Glove Service: Nine Case Studies That Reveal the Keys to Building True Customer-Oriented Organizations.” That paper informs our own approach to serving our clients—and there might be something in there to inspire you, too!)