Employee Spotlight: Maria Felix
10.20.2022  |  by The Copper Peak Team

Meet Maria Felix, Lead Packer here at Copper Peak. Maria plays a critical role in quality control for us, ensuring that every order that ships from her station is perfect for customers.

There is a lot that goes into this role, and Maria tackles it all with determination and an eye for detail. Her day starts at the packing tables, where she makes sure that each table has everything needed for everyone to work comfortably. As she and her teams pack they pay attention to each order individually, making sure to read and follow any special instructions. She then inspects each order to make sure that it is exactly as expected by the winery, and ready to send to the customer. At the end of the day, Maria inventories the packaging and materials at Copper Peak to make sure we are fully stocked and ready to handle all upcoming jobs.

Indeed, Maria has an eye for all things orderly and beautiful. She has flair for makeup and hair, and has been known to sculpt super-long eyelashes for herself and her friends, knowing that it makes them happier when they feel more beautiful. And when it comes to getting away, Maria says that nothing beats the natural beauty of Camanche Lake where she often goes camping with family and friends.

Maria says that the thing she likes most about working here at Copper Peak is the people: “I love sharing every day with my coworkers. It’s fun—they are like a second family!” The feeling is surely mutual, as her coworkers describe her as a thoughtful, funny, and sweet person. And most importantly, they all know that Maria has their back.