Is the Data Generated by Your DTC Sales Protected? What Wineries Should Know.

If you are in (or getting into) the Direct to Consumer (DTC) wine space, there are likely a lot of issues you are trying to tackle at once: containing shipping costs, choosing warehousing solutions, keeping products cool during transit, and exploring options for multiple shipping locations, just to name a few that we’ve written about.

So it’s understandable if the issue of data security practices at your strategic partners has not been on your radar. Still, it is a very important subject, as your customer’s privacy could easily be at stake.

Our sister blog over at Materialogic handled this topic well in a recent post about data security and what you need from your 3PL. They suggest, rightly, that shippers look past the headlines and the hysteria and ask what is really at risk, and what positive steps can be taken to avoid problems. The piece ends with an excellent list of questions to ask a 3PL to ascertain whether they have a solid data security plan in place according to best practice.

We suggest you take a look at the post and, if you have any questions about data security and 3PLs, reach out and talk to us. Your customers privacy is important, and safeguarding it is another way to keep those loyal customers.