Starting a Business is Like Raising a Child…


Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla and a world-renowned investor, engineer, and inventor, once said, “Creating a company is almost like having a child.” Man, was he ever right.

Ten years ago we gave birth to our baby, Copper Peak Logistics. It wasn’t just a matter of getting an idea on a whim, raising some capital, and hanging a sign on a building. Like raising a child, it has been a slow and steady growth, full of challenges and (more often) rewards.

And we hope that, by sharing a little bit of this journey, we can give you a true feel for what Copper Peak Logistics is all about.

The Concept(ion)

Importantly, we did not simply choose to form Copper Peak on a whim, nor was it an accident. Ours was a carefully crafted decision, based upon quite a bit of due diligence and a gut feeling that, in the end, it could be the most rewarding thing we could do.

We also decided that we wanted to be different. And I do think Copper Peak really is unique in the industry.

Raised to be Special

It has been 10 years since we made that initial decision, and we are certainly proud parents. Our baby is exactly what we wanted—unique and unlike any other. We like it that way.

For example, we put a special emphasis on craft and craftsmanship fulfillment. We invest in our employees and make them like family. And while we do keep up with trends in the industry, we know that the core of our business is hard work, close relationships, and knowledge based on experience.

We also made sure that we were good parents by using the money we had saved to pay for the best education and upbringing we could find. This meant making sure that we had the industry knowledge and business savvy to make Copper Peak into a thriving business…without losing that character that makes us different and special.

It Takes a Village

The old adage “It takes a whole village to raise a child” certainly applies to our metaphor as well. We couldn’t have done it all by ourselves. Our village embodies an entire group of companies and individuals that have helped shape our personality. It would be downright rude not to give them a shout-out here!

Our Employees

We’ve managed to employ some of the best and brightest in our industry, and they have turned out to be wonderfully creative and supportive. By giving them a great place to work and treating them like family, we’ve built a team of dedicated, highly motivated members. We couldn’t work with better people!

Our Business Partners

Just like our employees, our business partners are some of the best. We complement each other with common goals, making for profitable and fun partnerships. More importantly, we have found that, because our business partners understand our goals, they really do help us be stand out.

Our Clients

In this industry, there is no one-size-fits-all—and that’s true whether you are a vendor or a client. Our clients have found the right fit in us, and we in them. We call them our partners or “soul mates.” That allows us to put the human touch on everything we do.

Our Owners and Founders

That idea of not trying to be one-size-fits-all came from our founders, who truly felt that our goal should be to be the best, not the biggest. These folks were true risk-taking entrepreneurs, but they still understood the need for sound principles and a good dose of understanding and support.

Our Industry and its Community

Let’s face it, Copper Peak would never have been born if we didn’t love the wine industry. We are all part of a larger family through this industry, one that is bonded by the land and the people who work it. Everyone at Copper Peak will tell you that we love where we work, where we live, and where we play. And I think that it shows in our work, every day.


So as we celebrate our 10-year anniversary this month, we hope you will join us in celebrating everything our village has done to help raise this child! We give thanks to everyone that has helped us along the way. The journey is really just beginning, and the next chapter in our life is certainly looking to be the best!