Looking Back and Looking Forward
12.17.2020  |  by The Copper Peak Team

The year is winding down quickly, and we are all looking forward to what next year holds. As a company, and as individuals, we have been so impressed with how the wine community has responded to the challenges thrown our way this past year. As we look back, a few things have stuck out that we thought of sharing:

Leadership During Crisis. There have been so many stories of winery and business owners fighting front line battles with the fires, retasking employees into new roles, and trying new things to keep customers engaged…even though it meant going outside a comfort zone. We are lucky to have such dedicated and resourceful people guiding the way. 

Helping Hands. The outreach within our industry and communities has been unprecedented. We’ve seen winemakers helping other winemakers, restaurants helping feed front line workers,  even in a time of their own crisis… the stories of sharing and caring are plentiful.

Stability. In uncertain times, we look for stability, not to mention compassion. We hold dearly to our values. The wine industry has once again demonstrated resilience and staying power. It’s what makes us strong.

Live Today, But Dream For Tomorrow. The pandemic shutdown of our tasting rooms and tourism was a heavy weight left hook we never saw coming. But it did not knock us down. In the short term it forced us to be more resourceful. The old adage “change brings opportunity” has never been more true.

Our News

The Copper Peak team is excited about what the future holds. Looking forward, here are few things in which our readers, clients, and future clients might be interested:

Our New St. Louis Facility. The CPL team has a new 55,000 sq. ft. wine warehouse in St. Louis to better serve our clients. We started shipping from this location in September, using the same team we started with 14 years ago…but now with increased capacity and better infrastructure than ever before.

Exciting New Technology. Like Santa’s elves, we have been secretly working on a new version of our CopperLink system. We are so excited to start rolling out the new features and functionality in 2021. 

Doing Our Part. This year we felt that it was our duty to help our community, and we were happy to do so. Not only are we donating to various charities, we have also collected and vetted a list of charitable organizations to help connect people with organizations that are “on the ground.” You can find the list here

Continued Caution. The holidays will be different this year for many, especially those who may find themselves away from family, friends, and loved ones. Like many other companies, CPL is continuing to take extra precautions at our fulfillment centers, because the health and safety of our clients, partners, and employees continues to be our top priority. 

We are extremely excited about the new growth opportunities for our industry, and it is our privilege to serve such fine people. If you want to be a part of the Copper Peak community going forward in 2021, please, get in touch!

All the best, 

The Copper Peak Logistics Team